Guillaume Darribau



Guillaume Darribau was born in 1978 in Perpignan (France). He studied photography at the school E.T.P.A (France).
He is particularly interested in the development of long-term documentary projects focusing on social, political and anthropological issues.
Through his work he tries to understand, analyze and question the contradictions of our world in turmoil and transition.
Its different reports, have the same intention, showed men and women in their side of the issues contemporary dignity.
In 2011, he participated to the creation of the collective “Fractures Photo”.
His work has been published in ‘Le Monde’, “Der Siegel”, “L’Obs, “Newsweek”, “Internazionale”, “Courrier International”, “Afrique magazine”, “Focus” Magazine…

Email: guillaumedarribau [at]

résident: Barcelona / Spain

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